By: Marion Sanchez

Why you must give your opinion regarding the Empty Homes Tax


If you don't rent in Vancouver, it's possible that you haven't heard or realized that beside the insanity of the Real Estate market, Vancouver sub-consequently suffers from a rental housing crisis.

Some say that the "near-zero rental supply" is due to foreign investors who don't bother looking for tenants once they bought their properties, and others...well, others don't really care.

The fact is : every evening, when I look out the window towards the West End’s residential high rises, it always astonishes me that entire floors are left completely light-and-life-less from 6 pm until the next day, I've counted as many as 8 floors in one building, totally unoccupied. 

I personally don't agree with that at all. Actually, I don't even understand how a landlord can give up the opportunity of renting out a suite and making extra income/cash flow.

Whatever their motivations are, I believe that renters have to be given respect and consideration, and that Mayor Gregor Robertson is finally giving us a chance to make ourselves heard in a more effective manner than with our social media rants.

The Vancouver tax on empty homes should be implemented in 2017 and it's up to us to define how, when and how much the owners of Vancouver-based long-term empty homes will be taxed.

You might have received a Public Consultation form in the mail already and I strongly recommend you to take the online survey at 

I just did, and it feels good!

Have a great day in our beautiful city and may those apartments be full of light and life ;)

Marion Sanchez